Bladder problems and Incontinence

Incontinence among elderly people is a much more common problem than is generally realized because often victims feel too embarrassed to talk about it. Over the age of sixty-five, one woman in every twelve and one man in every seven suffers from incontinence.

In Chinese Medicine a weak bladder causing urination at frequent intervals and also a leaking bladder are due to the weakness of the kidney qi or the kidney yang. If the kidneys are weak, the quality of the urine is poor, and this irritated the bladder.

Chinese Medicine treatment for incontinence and bladder problems will involve strengthening the kidneys with herbs which include eucommia bark, dogwood or even walnut. Golden Lock Tea or Sextone is also effective. In some cases of incontinence, acupuncture will help. Chinese herbs and acupuncture are usually used in combination in these cases.

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