Bells Palsy

Bell’s Palsy is caused by damage to muscles on one side of the face due to swelling of the facial nerve. Bell’s Palsy very often occurs suddenly, sometimes overnight. It can be accompanied by pain in the affected side of the face, or in the ears.

In Chinese Medicine terminology, Bells Palsy is caused by a wind cold attack in the channel, which blocks the meridian so that the facial muscles cannot operate properly. Some people recover spontaneously, although this can take from a few weeks to a year.

From a Chinese Medicine perspective, acupuncture is seen as the main treatment for Bell’s Palsy. Many studies have been done in China which show that acupuncture is very effective in treating Bell’s palsy when it is used promptly. Complete recovery can take place in one or two weeks. Chinese Herbs which will expel the wind and cold from the body and stop headaches include wild angelica, sage and cinnamon twigs.

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