Often called “hardening of the arteries”, arteriosclerosis is a factor in the ageing process when the arterial walls lose tone, and the circulation is affected. Symptoms of arteriosclerosis include spells of dizziness, general weakness, blurred vision, and in severe cases there can be a risk of thrombosis or stroke.

In Chinese Medicine, the causes of arteriosclerosis are very complicated. Two major contributory factors for arteriosclerosis are the blood vessels and the blood itself. The heart, kidneys, spleen and liver are all involved in the quality of the blood. If it is too thick and has a high fat content, the blood vessels also thicken, sometimes causing the blood to move too slowly or to become stagnant. To improve the circulation, a Chinese Medicine practitioner will use Chinese angelica and noto ginseng, or perhaps red sage. After this the quality of the blood must be upgraded and a Chinese Medicine practitioner will accomplish this by strengthening and toning the spleen and kidney and balancing the liver. Hawthorn berry, wolf berry, red sage, peach kernel, saffron, peony root, cinnamon and orange peel will help. If the problem is long term or severe, a Western doctor should always be consulted.

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