Anorexia is a very complicated condition, often called the “slimmer’s disease”. Anorexia is usually suffered by teenage girls who develop a phobia against eating and a fixation about weight gain. Anorexia is connected with psychological problems which need to be investigated.

Some doctors believe anorexia may be triggered at puberty by an unconscious aversion to the changes taking place in their bodies and a refusal to grow into maturity. Sufferers also develop a weakness in their digestive system and the intestines and spleen must be strengthened. When the body has been without adequate food for a long time, the digestive system suffers in the same way as an unused muscle.

Chinese medicine is often highly successful in restoring this function and helping the process of food digestion. When the treatment takes effect, the bloated feelings which anorexics complain of after eating should be alleviated.

Chinese herbs prescribed for anorexia, to increase the appetite, include rice sprouts, wheat sprouts and radish seeds or loganberry fruit. Although Chinese herbal remedies can and do, restore health, it is a long process and constant support and psychotherapy are necessary.

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