Acid Stomach – Gastric Reflux

The term acid stomach – gastric reflux covers a variety of conditions, but usually describes the regurgitation of acid or heartburn caused by indigestion. It may also cover issues relating to a hiatus hernia.

In Chinese Medicine, acid stomach is caused by spleen deficiency. An imbalance of Spleen and Liver are regarded as the main causes of this. A Chinese Medicine practitioner will give treatment to tonify the Spleen, to dry “dampness” and soothe the Liver, reducing stagnation. Herbs used in Chinese Medicine for acid stomach include Ginseng, Poria and Liquorice; orange peel and eggshell are also used. The patient will be advised about a diet to avoid acidic food or “cold” food, reducing stagnation.

Western doctors treat acid stomach – gastric reflux by recommending care with the diet. Eating small, regular meals based mainly on bland foods such as chicken, rice,milk and fish. Fried and fatty foods should be avoided.

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