Dr Yan Xiang Song BSc TCM Master in Tuina Massage

dr yan xiang song tuinaDr Yan Xiang Song is a Master of Tuina massage having spent over 30 years specialising in this evermore popular Chinese massage treatment. Dr Yan began his studies in 1977 at the prestigious Hubei TCM University and Hospital. He graduated in 1982, specialising in Tuina and went onto work at the University and Hospital for over twenty years.

In 2003, Dr Yan Xiang Song moved to the UK and began practising his massage skills in London. During this time he has worked for Dr Herbs and Dr China. In 2005 Dr Yan began teaching on our Tuina massage course and the response from the students was extremely positive. Dr Yan continues to teach on our course and has also taken on private students for advanced massage training.

Dr Yan has recently joined the Asante team as a Tuina Massage practitioner. His in-depth massage skills are excellent for a whole range of conditions including musculo-skeletal, back and spinal problems and chronic internal condtions such as ME, digestive problems, atthritis, high blood pressure, insomnia etc.