Dr Anna Konovalova, PGDip Neurology, MAcS

Dr Anna Konovalova

Dr Anna Konovalova is a fully licensed Traditional Chinese medicine practitioner, passionate about her job, which has become a way of life.

She started her education in Russia, at the First Moscow State Medical University. She was awarded her first medical degree and has been certified as a neurologist. During her work as a doctor, she noticed that patients who chose acupuncture as an additional method for rehabilitation recovered faster.

To treat her patients with greater success, she took a course, and obtained a diploma in acupuncture. She continued working as a neurologist and acupuncture practitioner in the hospital.

Anna moved to London and became a member of the Acupuncture Society. Since then, she has been helping people with effective treatments against various diseases.

Dr Anna Konovalova follows a holistic approach and treats not a specific disease, but the person as a whole. Anna’s main areas of interest include treating neurological problems with TCM. Lately she has expanded her interests to the field of treating infertility with acupuncture. She is also passionate about diminishing the signs of aging and also practices facial rejuvenation acupuncture. She also uses acupuncture to assist people with healthy weight loss.

All of Anna’s treatments adhere to the highest standards of safety and competence. More information about Anna can be found at her personal website.