Dr Viorel-Alexandru-Ionut (Alex) Eftime GP, BSc (Hons) TCM, MBMAS, MBAcC, Medical Director

Dr Alex EftimeDr Alex Eftime is a dedicated medical professional (Doctor-Medic). He specialized in Family Medicine upon completing a 3-year post-graduate clinical training in Romania.  His passion for Chinese medicine and philosophy led him to the UK. It was here that he completed a BSc in TCM at Middlesex University. Here, he accumulated several years of experience while being taught by classically trained professors and practitioners.  As a learning assistant, he facilitated other students’ learning of acupuncture and tuina massage.

Dr. Alex Eftime’s main areas of interest include the integration of Biomedicine and TCM, aiming at transferring and translating the concepts of these fields.  In addition he is an educator, a passionate speaker and researcher.  As both a medical and TCM practitioner and using the full extent of his multi-disciplinary training, he brings a calm, empathetic and holistic approach to his therapeutic practice.

In addition to treating patients at Asante, Dr. Eftime is also closely involved in our NHS partnerships.