SagittariusSagittarius rules the buttocks, thighs and lower spinal cord. This means that ailments and illnesses are frequently connected to these areas.

With back pain: make a pie out of one pig’s kidney and four ounces of chopped walnuts (soaked until soft).

For cold back pain (not burning pain): soak once ounce of cinnamon bark in one litre of gin for two weeks. Drink one tot a day.

If weakness in hips and thighs or lack of calcium: add one pound of mutton bones or pig’s hocks to four pints of water and one ounce of vinegar, bring to the boil and simmer for at least two hours. Drink as soup.

Foods ruled by Sagittarius:

Lamb’s kidneys, duck, goose, rabbit, pheasant, tongue, quail, cucumber, asparagus, artichokes, gelatin.