PiscesPisces rules the feet, lymph system and eyes. This means that ailments and illnesses are frequently connected to these areas.

For swollen feet: (in Chinese Medicine, the feet are controlled by the kidneys, therefore treatment is concentrated on the kidneys). Bake a small St Peter’s fish, lined with garlic cloves and wrapped in tin foil, in a hot oven for one hour. Eat once daily.

For arthritis of the feet (with a feeling of cold): soak two ounces of sage in one litre of gin for two weeks. Drink a tot a day through the cold weather. (With a feeling of heat): drink tea made from cork-tree bark.

To strengthen lymph glands: steam eight ounces of sliced chicken with two ounces of dried mushrooms, one ounce of black dates, fresh ginger, spring onions, rice wine, salt, white sugar and a little soya sauce for about 15 minutes. Eat with a dressing of sesame oil.

Foods ruled by Pisces:

Fish, prunes, plums, dates, grapes, figs, anchovies, raisins.