CapricornCapricorn rules the skeletal system including the bones and joints as well as the skin. This means that ailments and illnesses are frequently connected to these areas. 

To strengthen the bones (in Chinese Medicine the skeletal system is ruled by the kidneys and so treatment focuses on the kidneys): add one pound of mutton bones or pig’s hocks to four pints of water and one ounce of vinegar. Bring this to the boil and simmer for at least two hours. Drink as soup. Or make a pie out of one pig’s kidney and four ounces of chopped walnuts (soaked until soft).

To nourish the skin: soak two ounces of silk mushrooms for one hour, then chop and stir fry with eight ounces of soya bean sprouts and one ounce of sesame seeds. Serve as a sauce with pasta.

For arthritis in the knees (with a feeling of cold): soak tow ounces of sage in one litre of gin for two weeks and drink a tot a day through the cold weather. (With a feeling of heat): drink tea made from cork-tree bark.

Foods ruled by Capricorn:

Nuts, olives, cabbage, watercress, peanuts, avocado, brussel sprouts.