CancerCancer rules the stomach and breasts, which means that ailments and illnesses are frequently connected to these areas.

For stomach ulcers and gastritis: bring eight ounces of gluten rice to the boil in four pints of water. Simmer for two hours to make a very sticky soup. Avoid food which is hot and spicy, acid or deep fried, as wells as tea, coffee and cocoa.

For excess of stomach acid: make gluten rice soup as above, but add five slices of fresh ginger or the peel of half an orange.

For breast tension and non-malignant lumps: soak eight ounces of hawthorn berries or red sage in one litre of red wine for seven days. A little to be drunk daily.

Foods ruled by Cancer:

Cheese, bananas, beans, pears, marrow, coconut, milk, fromage frais.