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“In writing The Reasoning of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Professor Song Xuan Ke aims to provide ‘a simple explanation of the tradition’, acknowledging the enormity of such a task in the preface. Remarkably – and in a book of under 200 pages – he manages to do just that”.

Book Review

We are delighted to announce the publication of the book review for Professor Ke’s latest book, The Reasoning of Traditional Chinese Medicine, in the British Acupuncture Council’s journal, Acu.

The  review was kindly written by BAcC student member, Gillian Nicol, who made some very positive comments and feedback on this latest title by Asante Principal and Director, Professor Song Xuan Ke. Gillian’s review gives a strong reflection of the work and effort put into creating this book, and ensuring that it is accessible to people from a wide variety of backgrounds.

To access the review in the Acu journal, please click the HERE!