Herbal Medicine Diploma Course

Herbal Medicine Diploma Course

We are extremely pleased to announce that we have now received formal accreditiation from the Association of Traditional Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture UK (ATCM) and the Traditional Chinese Medicine Accreditation Board (TCMAB) for our Postgraduate Herbal Medicine Diploma Course. You can view our accretation certificate HERE!

The Herbal Medicine Diploma Course runs between 12 and 18 months depending upon student background. It is suitable for exisiting acupuncture and massage practitioners, along with other health professionals including doctors, nurses, physiotherapists, osteopaths and chiropractors. Our course is taught by Asante Academy director, Professor Song Xuan Ke and a number of highly qualified and experienced TCM teachers/practitioners.

Why choose this course?

  • Fully accredited by the TCMAB and recognised by the ATCM.
  • Graduates will gain full ATCM membership and the ability to obtain full practice insurance.
  • Asante teaching clinic is open 6 days per week, allowing many opportunities to see patients and access our working herbal dispensary.
  • Long history of providing high level teaching through partnership with Middlesex University.
  • Highly trained, professional teaching staff with extensive history of practicing TCM.
  • Partners with TCM teaching hospitals in China.

For a brief overview of the course, please look at our Diploma Course Prospectus.

You can find a more detail drescription of the course content, including module information in our Course Syllabus.

For further information about this course, please email us on info@asante-academy.com

You can also contact us by telephone on: 020-8347-6677 / 020-7272-6888