The Reasoning of Traditional Chinese Medicine

The Reasoning of Traditional Chinese Medicine

The new book by Professor Song Xuan Ke, Director and Principal of The Asante Academy of Chinese Medicine, was officially published on the 31st December 2022 by World Scientific Press.

Many months of effort and hard work went into the creation of this book, with input and assitance from a number of different individuals, culminating in a title which serves as an easily accessible introduction to the reasoning and philosopy of Traditional Chinese Medicine.

The Reasoning of Traditional Chinese Medicine is intended as an introduction to TCM for students, practitioners, or people with a general interest in Chinese medicine. It provides concise and compact delivery of TCM’s history, philosophy, theory, and treatment principles. Professor Ke has approached this from the perspective of the reasoning behind Chinese medicine, its philosophical foundations, and its approach to treatment, but from the unqiue perspective of his 40 years of clinical practice and teaching. The Reasoning of Traditional Chinese Medicine is accompanied by clear and bold graphical illustrations to allow for easier understanding.

The book is available through the main Asante website in both Hardcover and Paperback formats.

Book Launch – 11th February 2023

To celebrate the release of The Reasoning of Tradtitional Chinese Medicine, Asante Academy and WSPC collaborated on hosting a launch event at Asante Academy. Guests attending the event included former UK university vice-chancellors, Western and Chinese doctors and consultants, cultural ambassadors and also past and current students and patients.

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Guests listened to an introductory publishers speech by Dr Natalie Watson of WSPC, followed by a few brief words from some of the assembled guests on their experiences with Chinese medicine, and finally a short talk and Q & A session on the reasoning of traditional Chinese medicine by Professor Ke. A selection of high quality Chinese tea and snacks followed the talk, along with the presentation of a beautifully themed cake, kindly provided by Meraj and Saied of the Mersai Health Clinic.

You can see some of the speeches and talks by visiting the following links: