The Healing Hunter

The Healing Hunter The Healing Hunter

In 2022, Hannah Sweeney, The Healing Hunter, visited Professor Song Ke at Asante Academy to film for her new series on Traditional Chinese Medicine. The series is now being published on her YouTube channel, accompanied by shorts on Instagram and TikTok.

Hannah has produced an extensive collection of videos, available on her YouTube channel covering a wide range of topics, including:

She also has a great collection of short videos available through her instagram and TikTok channels as well. One of the great aspects of The Healing Hunter, is that Hannah has not only worked to research Chinese medicine, but that she visited Asante Academy to receive treatment from Professor Ke and to discuss Chinese medicine with him and Asante staff. It gives her a unqiue first hand perspective on TCM, which she can pass on to others who may be interested in treatment, or finding out more about TCM.

Be sure to stay tuned to her channels for furture videos!