Healing from the Roots – A TCM Approach to ME

Prof Song Xuan Ke

Many studies have proved that the causes of Myalgic Encephalomyelitis (ME) are related to a virus. They show that the damage caused by the virus is mainly to the immune and nervous systems, a “cure” has not been found. Treatment options are however, often limited. Medical practitioners are frustrated that they are not able to offer better treatment and leaving patients to struggle for themselves.

Why is it that even with advanced science we still cannot make good progress in terms of the treatment prevention? Is it still because we lack the technology to combat each individual virus? Is it that we need much stronger antivirals to fight it?

I think that neither is the answer. The real reason we cannot “cure” the viral infection is that the way we approach the fight against the virus is wrong. Additionally, the fundamental philosophy to guide the research is wrong. Too much attention has been concentrated in simply finding the pathogenic causes and where and how the body is attacked. Hopefully we will someday find a counter-attacking medicine, but the facts have demonstrated that these are very difficult or even impossible.

What Causes M.E.?

According to TCM theory the reproductive systems of human beings are mainly controlled by kidneys. The quality and quantity of the eggs and sperms are dominated by the kidney essence which is called JING or JING QI. The better the Jing the better the eggs and sperms.

Apart from the Jing’s production of the eggs and sperms, equally important are the planting and carrying of the fertilized eggs. These are the responsibilities of the kidney qi, blood and uterus. The quality of them will determine the whole pregnancy will be successful or not… How can we judge the quality of the kidney, blood and uterus? We will discuss this in the TCM diagnosis section.

Myalgic Encephalomyelitis – A TCM Approach

So therefore the roots of a tree and foundations of the building are more important than the attacking force. This is the fundamental philosophy of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). In TCM we recognize that the M.E.(Myalgic Encephalomyelitis) is mainly due to the deficiency of the body and not the virus invasion. The deficiency of the body can weaken the defense i.e. immune system and then the body will be open to the attack by the virus or other viruses, sooner or later. As a result, Chinese Medicine treatments may offer an alternative healing approach to Western Medicine.