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Asante Academy Online Teaching 11

Moving Forward – Asante Academy Online

We are facing the prospect of a future which looks different, with the possibility to having to adjust and exist within a ‘new normal’. It makes sense that Chinese Medicine practices should adapt to these changes. This is something we had started doing with the provision of online and telephone consultations. Asante Academy online teaching is the natural extension of this idea.

Asante Academy online teaching is part of our change of strategy which we hope will help us readjust to the emerging situation. Professor Song Ke has decided that Asante Academy of Chinese Medicine will begin offering its teaching courses, lectures and workshops in a virtual, online format via video conferencing.

This will apply only to the theoretical modules or aspects of our courses. We intend to use this to allow prospective students the time to study and complete these modules first. The practical modules/teaching can then be completed later on. This will also offer a greater degree of flexibility to students.

The content we propose to offer will include all our paid tuition courses and workshops. We also hope to provide additional content available to all who are interested, this may include short webinars, or longer lectures on topics relating to Chinese Medicine.

We hope to also offer access to future conferences at which Professor Ke will teach or give talks. These would be run in conjunction with our overseas educational partners.

Watch this space!

We are in the process of designing and planning how our online content will look and how best to provide it to everyone. We are planning on hosting a virtual online ‘Open Day’ with Professor Ke to allow any new students and interested parties a look into Asante Academy, what the clinic is like and who we are. This would also include a Q & A session with Professor Ke.

We will post further updates about Asante Academy online teaching developments as soon as we can.

We look forward to continuing our teaching with current and new students.

Best Wishes from the Asante Team!