Much has been written in the news lately regarding possible treatments for Coronavirus (Covid-19). Most of the focus and attention has been on Western medical intervention. Namely, the possible use of existing pharmaceutical therapies, such as the anti-Malarial drug Hydroxychloroquine.

A Chinese Medicine Approach to Coronavirus (Covid-19)

In a previous post, Asante Academy mentioned the news coming from China about the successful use of Chinese Herbal medicine. It has been used as an adjunct therapy alongside Western medicine.

Although the news may be considered anecdotal and others may consider it unproven, the tentative results give some hope and encouragement. As the pandemic progresses, there is more information becoming available about TCM and Coronavirus. It would also be a mistake to dismiss the potential for TCM to aid in the treatment of Covid-19.

Asante Academy Principal, Professor Song Ke has been working hard to provide assistance to patients in the face of the pandemic. A high volume of Asante patients are using Chinese Herbal medicine to relieve symptoms of Covid-19. Many others are taking advantage of the preventative nature of Chinese medicine. This trend is something common to many Chinese medicine practitioners across the UK and around the world.