Promoting TCM Culture and Therapies in Europe

Guangdong TCM Delegation Visits Europe
Guangdong TCM Delegation Visits Europe

The team at Asante Academy are pleased to annouce the successful completion of the recent Guangdong TCM Delegation visit to Europe.

Professor Song Xuan Ke proudly represented Asante Academy as part of the TCM cultural delegation. Their first visit was to the prestigious Sorbonne University in France. They also travelled to Switzerland and then to Germany, where they organised events at TCM-Klinik Bad Kötzting. The delegation included members of the Guangdong Administration of Chinese Medicine and leading TCM practitioners. Representatives of other leading Chinese medicine institutions from Guangdong province also attended.

Participants to the events attended talks on Chinese medicine, open clinics and practical demonstations. This included Chinese medicine techniques, including acupuncture, massage and herbal applications.

Members of the delgation participated in various Q&A sessions as well as open discussions with guests and visiting dignitaries.

These events provided a valuable opportuniy to promote the strengths and benefits of TCM culture, therapies and emerging new thinking. Suchs events also help to build new links between China and Europe to strengthen co-operation on spreading the knowledge of Traditional Chinese Medicine.

Guangdong TCM Delegation Visits Europe

The various events were covered by Guangdong TV and promoted on their program, Guangdong Report.