Pheonix TV China.

In May 2019, Professor Ke travelled again to China, this time visiting his native Hubei province. During his trip, he put aside some time to give an interview to Pheonix TV. He describes his life in Traditional Chinese medicine, from education and teaching in China to his 30 plus year career in TCM in the UK.

Professor Ke describes how he helped to establish Chinese Medicine in the UK. Its early promotion focused on increasing awareness by giving TV and radio interviews and becoming associated with research. This naturally eveolved into lecturing about Tradtional Chinese medicine at different universities and colleges around the UK.

Faced with a naturally sceptical audience, he spent the first 10 years of his career putting into place the foundations necessary to change peoples opinions of Chinese medicine. This centered around research and studies into the treatment of Eczema using Chinese herbal medicine.

A significant highlight of Professor Kes’ career came with the introduction in 1997 of the first university degree course offered in the UK. A joint venture between Middlesex University and Asante Academy of Chinese Medicine.

Professor Ke believes that Chinese medicine is the key to opening a much more vast treasure trove of knowledge, alot of which is not easily accessible in the West. Knowledge and culture have no boundaries and it is the hope and belife of Professor Ke that the world can share in the knowledge and wisdom that Chinese Medicine has to offer.