Together with the China Guangdong Province Television company, we are making a documentary film series called “Chinese Medicine”.

Since our Principal, Professor Ke moved Asante Documentary Chinese Medicineto England thirty years ago he has been working to teach and promote Chinese medicine.  He helped found the Middlesex University Chinese Medicine degrees, the first higher education courses in the UK and Europe. Since then many Universities have followed our lead. He also pioneered the provision of acupuncture treatment in NHS hospitals. These include the Royal Free, Whittington and North Middlesex hospitals.

What is Chinese Medicine?

Despite these advances, there remains a high degree of ignorance and suspicion regarding Chinese medicine. Questions like: “What is real Chinese medicine? Does it work? How does it work if it does?” are what we seek to answer. The best response to critics is to educate and inform them by making a documentary film. Through sharing the hard facts, real clinical cases and latest scientific research on Chinese medicine, people will be able to draw their own conclusions. We have successfully enlisted Guangdong TV to make this documentary with us.  Professor Ke is the creator and producer for the film.

Last year one of The Nobel Prizes for medicine was awarded to a Chinese medicine doctor, a significant recognition. People across the world now want to know more about Chinese medicine which makes this an ideal time to make the series.

We will cover all aspects of Chinese medicine: from its origin and development through thousands of years of history, to its confrontation and assimilation, or separation with modern science. We intend to make a total of 5 to10 episodes over 2 years. They will be in both English and Chinese. The first episode covering Chinese medicine in the UK and Europe is scheduled to start filming in May this year.

Take herbal medicine as an example: we will show how herbs are grown, processed and made into medicines. We will show how people take them and what the quality control is. We will also discuss modern pharmaceutical research on their effectiveness and toxicity. Furthermore, we will follow real cases of treatment. We will film before, during and after treatment, and compare Western medical tests against Chinese medical examinations.

Asante Documentary on Chinese Medicine

The episodes will follow strict rules to ensure everything filmed is authentic, objective, truthful and without bias. There will be debates on some topics among respected western scientists and doctors as well as Chinese medical doctors.

We wanted to share this news with you due to your interest in Chinese medicine, and because we believe this worthwhile documentary would benefit greatly from your support. Firstly, we encourage any suggestions or ideas you have on making this documentary, or perhaps you would like to tell your own story about yourself with Chinese medicine? We continue to research ideas for the content and presentation of the episodes. Secondly, financial support for the documentary series is greatly appreciated. Donations will be fully credited in the production.

With your help we believe this documentary will play a very important role in advancing the understanding of Chinese Medicine worldwide, with the ultimate beneficiary being future patients.