On the 6th of November 2014, Professor Ke was invited by the Acupuncture Association of Chartered Physiotherapists, AACP, to give a lecture and presentation at their Scottish Conference in Grangemouth, Scotland. AACP1

The topic was “TCM Reasoning & Chinese Acupuncture Diagnosis Skills”, and Prof Ke spoke enthusiastically about Traditional Chinese Medicine diagnosis and syndrome differentiation and how they differ from Western Medicine’s point of view.

The feedback was very positive, and below are some comments from the listeners:

  • Excellent presentation. Really informative
  • Great talk. Maybe do practical workshop?
  • Can he come back and talk on herbs and nutrition? Could have listened longer.
  • Truly inspiring.
  • Can see a rationale behind TCM now, although still baffled at how to try to apply!
  • Good to hear more on TCM approach.
  • Great to hear this explained in a way that makes sense!
  • Future presentation/demo on diagnosis would be very interesting.
  • Great to hear this explained in a way that makes sense!
  • Good to have a TCM speaker.
  • Very interesting but could hear more again next time.
  • Would like to learn more of TCM in London with Professor Ke esp Chinese herbs & nutrition.
  • Very thought provoking.
  • Could have listened to him all day! Very interesting point of view. Want more TCM stuff!
  • I have a little knowledge of TCM. Prof Ke gave me enough interest to learn more.
  • Always a fascinating speaker. Challenges our western point of view.
  • Very interesting. Great speaker.
  • Well presented and good learning outcome. Stimulating speech.
  • Excellent review of philosophy, would like more of this at future events.
  • Think it is good to get an understanding of TCM and to try to incorporate it into clinical practice.
  • Very enjoyable lecture. Made me open my mind more to the holistic approach TCM has to offer. Perfect start to the day.
  • Excellent enthusiastic speaker. Would love to hear more on this topic from Prof Ke.