New 3-Day Workshop: Musculoskeletal Pain Management (Song-s Style)

Learn a unique approach to treat sciatica and pain in the knee and neck from Mr. Song.


The combination of precise acupuncture needling, cupping, Tuina massage, exercise and patient education plays a fundamental role in achieving the most effective result.

This hands-on three-day course will focus on Mr. Song’s practical approach to these most commonly seen conditions in everyday clinic practice. You will quickly grasp and be able to apply Mr. Song’s skills in your daily practice after three day’s study.

Mr. Song will explain the features of musculoskeletal pain, and guide you to the most efficient treatment strategy and plan.

  1. The focus will be on the method of diagnosis in general, and in particular the accurate anatomical diagnosis of musculoskeletal pain and pinpointing of the actual tissue damage causing the pain. This is a brilliant strategy to achieve the best clinical result in the treatment of musculoskeletal pain.
  2. Song will also explain his unique view of the best body positioning when treating, choosing acupuncture points and needling techniques.
  3. Management of musculoskeletal pain will be taught by Song as a combination of Tuina massage, cupping, acupuncture, exercise and patient education.
  4. Demonstrations of the treatment strategy will be organized during a practical workshop.



Day 1:  15th October 2017 (Sunday),     Management of Knee Pain
Day 2:  29th October 2017 (Sunday),     Management of Sciatica Pain
Day 3:  12th November 2017 (Sunday), Management of Neck Pain

Time: 10am to 5pm


 £360 (£120 per day)

Early bird offer:

£110 for any 1 days – save £10

£190 for any 2 days – save £50

£285 for all 3 days – save £75

To book, please call 020 8347 6677 – early bird offer ends September 23, 2017
Venue:  Asante Academy of Chinese Medicine
430 Archway Road, Highgate N6 4JH


About your tutor:

Mr. Yunqin Song (MSc TCM, MATCM, MWFCMS) has been practicing Traditional Chinese Medicine for over 20 years. His experience in China as a physician, focusing on orthopaedic and peripheral vascular surgery, and his mastery of biomechanics as a Tai-Chi instructor rounds up into a new system of understanding musculoskeletal conditions.

He has been successfully treating uncommon and difficult diseases using Acupuncture and Tuina Massage for over 20 years and has a particular interest in musculoskeletal conditions and pain management.

Mr. Song is currently teaching and practicing at the Asante Academy of Chinese Medicine.