Asante First Open Public Debate on 9th October

Asante Open Public  Debate about Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture will be held at 12PM – 2PM on Sunday, 9th of October.


Free admission


The topics are:

1 . Traditional Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture: a fake  or not?

2. In TCM, what is Shen(神)? Can we really see Shen?

3. To response the notion, Acupuncture treatment for back pain should be withdrawn from NICE recommendation, do you agree, if not why?


This is one of our series of academic debate, can you face the challenge? Come along and join us!

Free refreshments provided.

Address: Asanté Academy 430 Archway Road, Highgate, N6 4JH! For more information please call 020 8347 6677 / 020 7272 6888