24-Day Certificate Course in Chinese Herbal Medicine

24-Day Certificate Course in Chinese Herbal Medicine is unique to Asante Academy.

The Asante Academy Chinese Herbal Medicine Certificate Course (AA Certificate CHM) is designed for acupuncturists who want to extend their practice repertoire to include Chinese herbal medicine, or for Chinese herbal medicine practitioners who wish to upgrade their academic skills, and public interests.

Course Structure

The course is taught over 24 training days, which take place every other weekend (Normal Saturdays) between 10.00am and 4.00pm. This course is a combination of clinical training and theory learning.

Clinical placements are undertaken in the Asanté Academy. Extra clinical placement can also be arranged at a cost of £120 per day.

Theory covers the following topics (see Course Syllabus) in the form of lectures and seminars. The final day is a written and practical examination.

Herbal Medicine Course Syllabus

 Part 1: TCM Basic Theory


Part 2: TCM Diagnosis (Four examinations)

  • Observation (include Tongue diagnosis)
  • Asking (10 questions)
  • Hearing and smelling
  • Palpitation (include pulse taking)


Part 3: Aetiology and Pathogenesis of TCM

  • Internal causes of disease – 7 Qing (emotions)
  • External causes of disease – 7 evils
  • 4 levels disease pattern identification
  • 8 principle pattern identification
  • Fluids and Zangfu pathology


Part 4: Chinese Materia Medica

  • General theories in TCM materia medica
  • Commonly used materia medica


Part 5: Clinical Herbal Formulary

  • General theories in Clinical herbal formulary
  • Commonly used Clinical herbal formulary


Part 6: Clinical Treatment of Chinese Herbal Medicine

  • General principle of herbal medicine treatment
  • Pain management
  • Internal conditions
  • Neurological and psychological conditions
  • Gynaecological conditions
  • Others: skin, ENT, etc


Part 7: Clinical practice

This is one of our Asanté Academy unique advantages as a training clinic. Students will be following our experienced supervisor/teacher, mostly one to one, to learn Chinese herbal medicine in a real clinical practice. Time for training is flexible and you can choose the days you wish to attend.


Course Fee

Course fees for the 24-day course are £2880. Payment can be made in instalments.


On successful completion of the course and examination, and provided you have received training in Anatomy and Physiology, either before or during the course, then you will be awarded the Asante Certificate in Chinese Herbal Medicine.


In order to practice Chinese herbal medicine, you will need to apply for insurance once you have completed the course. In the UK, graduates of this course are eligible to buy insurance through apply a membership of several professional bodies.


Asanté Academy runs the course throughout the year, there are two commencing time of the course, October and February. The course take place every other weekend (Normally Saturdays). Individual requests are acceptable. Clinical training is available from Monday to Saturday from 10am to 4pm.


To apply to join the course please contact the Asanté Academy office for an application pack and prospectus on 020 8347 6677 or email info@asante-academy.com