Ms Yuling Huang, MSc TCM, BM TCM, MATCM

Yuling picMs Huang gained her MSc accreditation as an Acupuncture and TCM practitioner from Middlesex University. She was also certified Bachelor of Medicine from Beijing TCM University in 2011.

She was awarded a scholarship to attend the clinical placement and research in Dong Fang Hospital, Beijing. Dong Fang Hospital is one of the most well-known government funded TCM hospital in China. Every year, there are thousands of patients traveling from different provinces of China to receive treatments in this hospital.

Ms Huang worked at the Whittington NHS Hospital Pain Management Department after finishing her clinical placement in Beijing. In this clinict, she treated patients whom suffered from chronic pain conditions. She was able to build up a good relationship with patients from all kinds.

She is now one of the team members working at the Whittington Maternity Day Unit. She helps women going through pregnancy without having unnecessary medical intervention, and see patients suffering from Hyperemesis Gravidarum(HG), known as morning sickness at early stage of pregnancy, to all pregnancy related pain conditions. She is also helping pregnant women with birth preparation. Ms Huang has also especial interest in nutrition and she is able to give advice tailored to suit your personal needs.